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The GD Quick Opening Rotalock™ has been developed to provide an inherently safe, low cost solution for small diameter, low pressure applications.

Innovative Design Features
While our Bandlock™ 2 is the benchmark design for global high-pressure applications, GD Rotalock™ has been developed to provide an inherently safe, low cost solution for small diameter, low pressure applications.
Designed and priced to offer a superior alternative to screwed closures and blind flanges, Rotalock™ handles lower pressures to ANSI 300 and diameters from 6” to 14”. It provides quick and frequent access to a range of vessels in petrochemical, pharmaceutical and chemical process technologies, at temperatures from -30°C to +200°C.


Field Weldable Hubs
The Rotalock™ Closure Hub is SA350-LF2 forged carbon steel and no special field welding techniques or procedures are required. Connecting thickness is for standard wall in accordance with BSI600/API. Terminations to match thin wall or extra strong pipe are available at extra cost.

Durable Seal
The fully molded lip seal is available in Nitrile (NBR) and fluorelastomer material (Viton). It is located in the cap to prevent operational damage. The use of a lip design prevents metal-to-metal binding which is often experienced when using ‘O’ rings in quick-opening threaded closures.

Easy Operation
The PWS with its integral locking pin is unscrewed and completely removed. This enables the cap to be partially rotated which separates the seal surfaces giving the operator a secondary warning if pressure is still present in the vessel. A further turn of the cap allows it to be withdrawn from the hub and swung fully clear using the hinge or davit. The whole operation can be carried out by one person without the need for special tools or wrenches. Total closing of the cap is also guaranteed since the locking mechanism must be fully engaged before the integral pin is relocated and this enables the PWS to be finally screwed into its seating.

Secure Cap
Manufactured in cast carbon steel SA352-LCB material. The head is drilled with a M16 metric thread into which the PWS is located. The exposed hole is considerably larger than that provided on other designs to ensure that the risk of blockage is minimized.

Dual Hinging
All of our standard horizontal closures have jib arms which allow the cap to swing to either side after opening to give greater installation flexibility. Vertical opening uses a screwed davit to lift the cap clear of the hub.

Code Compliance
The Rotalock™ Closure is designed in accordance with ASME VIII Div. 1. ASME Code Stamp with U-2A partial data report can be furnished as an option. Code stamping verifies shop inspection of the closure and materials by an ASME Authorized Inspector. CE Marking for European applications is available as an option. NACE Standard MR-01-75 / ISO 15156 materials are available.

Rotalock™ Closures can be hydrotested as an option.

Typical applications
   Meter Provers
   Pig/Scraper Traps
   Waste Disposal vessel

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