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Special Closures

GD Engineering closure solutions are available for a range of industrial and environmental applications where rapid safe access to a pressurized vessel is required.

To complement the existing range of closures designed primarily for the oil and gas industries, GD Engineering can provide closure solutions for a range of industrial and environmental applications where rapid, safe access is required to a pressurized vessel. Using our sophisticated in-house technical engineering facilities, incorporating 3D solid modeling and ANSYS FEA software, combined with a team of highly qualified and experienced engineers, we are able to provide comprehensive engineering solutions to meet our client’s applications.


Waste Treatment Closures
Ranging in size from 1.8m to 2.5m these closures are for use on industrial/domestic waste treatment vessels utilizing a steam reduction process. Fully automatic in operation, they provide quick and safe access to the vessel contents. Safety interlocks ensure that the closure cannot be opened before internal pressure in the vessel is released.
The closures are designed for remote and continuous operation in harsh environments and incorporate many of the features found in our established oil and gas range.

Industrial Dry Cleaning Closures

To complement the latest designs of industrial dry cleaning machines utilizing higher operating pressures and environmentally friendly processes, GD Engineering has developed a quick opening closure incorporating a simple locking arrangement and safety interlock system. The closure provides quick and safe access to the machine contents with only minimal operator training required before use.
Suitable for continuous operation to meet the high frequency demands of the process the closure is of robust design requiring only minimal maintenance. Visual indicators on the closure provide confirmation of closure door status; their outputs being incorporated into the machine control system bag waste products for on-site destruction and disposal.

Medical Waste Treatment Closures
The Medlock quick acting closure was developed to provide safe and reliable access to medical waste treatment vessels. It’s unique design offers protection to the operator from the high temperature steam process conditions. Designed for operation by medical staff, the closure will accept red bag waste products for on-site destruction and disposal.

High Pressure Test Vessel Closures
High pressure closures have been developed to allow quick access to test vessels used to verify the performance of components and assemblies required to operate at extreme static or dynamic pressures. Applications include test chambers for deepwater subsea components and processes involving rapid dynamic loading.

Typical static pressure range up to 1000 bar g but dynamic pressure transients could be higher. The closure door can be designed to accommodate umbilical and instrument connections to monitor the performance of the components under test.

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